Village Wars

Details About The Village Battle Zone

* Village Kage can sign up their villages for the village battle zone for a fee.
Upon sign up the village receives 100 Battle Zone Points.
* Villages that are in the Battle Zone can challenge other villages to battle and wager money, and points.
(Minimum of 1 of each)
* Challenges expire after 96 hours.
* The villages that has been challenged can accept or decline the challenge.
* When in battle, the village will have to take all of the other villages Battle Zone Points away within 120 hours.
If 120 hours comes up, the wager is lost and the villages must sign up all over again.
* To take points away from the opposing village, the members must attack members in the opposing village.
For each attack won, the opposing gang loses 1 point.
Once one village loses all of it's battle zone points, the other village wins and takes the wager.

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