Training Arena

The Training Arena allows a user to train skill types for their abilities. Skills contribute to a character's ability to be successful at performing a jutsu, the effectiveness of the jutsu itself (or power), and the defensive effectiveness of the jutsu. Each skill can be trained to level 20 so it can take a while to max out a skill. As such specialization in a few areas depending on your selected jutsus and general skills (intelligence, body energy, etc) may be suggested.
These areas include:

  1. Taijutsu - Consumes HP bar to do damage to the opponent.
  2. Binding - Consumes Chakra in order to bind the opponent and prevent them from moving for a few turns.
  3. Genjutsu - Consumes Chakra to do damage as well as stun the opponent for a few turns.
  4. Invigorating - Do not consume Chakra or HP and are performed before attacks take place in a battle in order to increase Chakra and HP available during the battle.
  5. Offensive - Consumes Chakra to do damage to the opponent.
  6. Weapon - Consumes Chakra to do damage to the opponent; requires weapon equipped to perform.
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