Start Up Guide

If you are just starting out in Naruto Unleashed then you will want to read everything on this wiki to know what each link does. We have provided a short description of what each does however, where do you start? How do you level fast?

First things first, in the top of the screen you will want to click on the jutsu skill points pack so then you can use these straight away. So,
1. Click on Pack,
2. Visit the Training Arena and use your energy to level up in the jutsu type accuracy you will want to use in battle. Once you hit level 20 you will have 100% accuracy when using your jutsu in that jutsu type you trained up!
3. Go to the Skill Gym and use some of our points refer to the Skill Gym section for more details
4. Go to the Ninja Academy and train a Jutsu, descriptions on what each Jutsu Type does will be added in game soon. You train your jutsu you want using your Jutsu points, you will get more when you level next
5. Now, if you have no points left to train go to attack strategy and update your strategy if not go to My Jutsu page and continue to train the Jutsu you started to train in the Ninja Academy.
6. You will need some money, go to the Ramen Shop and trade in some energy for some easy money.
7. When you have some money saved up you can store it in your Piggy Bank
8. You will need some weapons and armor. Purchase these from the market and then go to your equipment page and equip them otherwise in battle you will continue to use your fists!
9. Now your just about ready to start fighting other nins! you can see list of nins in your village that you can fight in the Ninjas in Village link you can pick anyone to fight and will help you gain experience to level up faster. 1 energy point is needed per attack and remember to click the leave them or continue link otherwise your fight wont count! except when fighting the village demon that is saved on the same page.
10. Missions, you do these to gain experience and need Brave and the money made from them go to your village and the Kage can send a payment to all villages and start a village war if needed!
11. Don't be alarmed by how much you get attacked or need to attack its part of the game!

More to be added soon as we refine it more! Good luck new nins and we hope you enjoy the game and don't forget to join in the chat in the shoutbox, read the forums both global and village and to get yourself known and if you need some help ask your village Kage they are happy to help and if you want to say hi to Shino or Tobi then we are happy to say hi too!

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