Skill Gym

You get a certain amount of points when you level up and is the only way to get them. You can spend your points on:

Defense - The Defense skill does exactly what it says, gives you defense against the attacks of the other players. With a low defense skill you will be vulnerable to players' attacks and will receive much damage each turn most likely. You always want to keep this stat at a good pace with your others since this is a vital stat and could mean the difference between winning or losing a fight.

Body Energy - Body Energy is your strength. Without points in body energy you will not be able to do much damage to the other players. Weapons can help with the damage that you give overall but without points in your body energy skill you will be dealing very little damage. This skill is a very useful one and should be treated as one of your major stats no matter what kind of build you
are going for.

Speed - Speed is the essence of going fast. When you are in a fight, whoever has the higher speed stat goes first. Going first can give an advantage as you get to do your moves first and deal the first damage points to your opponent. While speed may not be the most vital stat, it is useful and should not be neglected.

Intel - Intel can be the difference between you or your opponent's binding/genjutsu jutsus lasting for 5 turns or 90 turns. If you are going to use a genjutsu or binding jutsu you will want to put points into this stat. Even if you are not going to use either one, still putting some points into this stat will be beneficial against your opponent's binding/genjutsu moves. For early levels you
don't have to put many points into this stat, but as you get higher in level it would be wise to get some intel skill.

Health - Health represents obviously how much health you will have during a fight. The higher it is, the more health you will have. It is always smart to have a good amount of health, but it is up to you whether you want to have 400 health or 4,000 health. Sometimes too much health can be a bad thing since putting points into that takes away from the amount of points you can put into your other stats.

Chakra - Chakra is good for two things in this game. One, for doing missions. The higher your chakra is, the higher % chance you have of completing missions. The other thing chakra is good for is
performing jutsus. The more jutsus you have, the more chakra you should have to supplement the increasing chakra costs from the jutsus.

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