Password Change

The place to change your password, you should do this often to avoid having someone use your account if they crack your password.

Name Change

Go here to change your name, remember that you're ID stays the same, so you can't use this to avoid consequences of your actions.

Change Display Pic

Here you can change the display picture in your profile, it will automatically refit the picture to 150x150. Don't post anything offensive or you may be federal jailed.

Forum Info Change

You can choose and avatar . Post a signature .

Custom Jutsu

You need the create custom jutsu ticket from donator shop to do this and then create your own named jutsu in your own chosen jutsu type

Reset Jutsu

Don't like your current jutsu setup? pay the fee to start again!

Change Village

Don't like your current village? Go here to change your village you get 3 changes

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