In the Newspaper you can see what recently happened in the Pirate World . Either a new feature or informations about something .
Via the Newspaper you can go to different places , some of them are accessible only via the Newspaper.


Via the Newspaper you can go to different places such as bounties. I will explain you how it works.

You need one crystal for each level a player is on. So, if a player is on level 60, you will need a minimum of 60 crystals to begin with for that player to have a bounty.
Once you have a bounty on someone, other players can see this and try and take the bounty. You click attack via the bounty market page and if successful you need to click Hospitalize and then you will get an event if you have done this right (or if someone hasn't beaten you to it ).
If, you are a player or friend of a player as in fellow crewman lets say you can buy off the bounty for that player.
One more important aspect is that you can put a bounty on someone anonymously for an extra small fee!!!

Stock Market

Via Newspaper you can also go to the Stock Market.
Here you buy and sell stock. The market operates between 8 and 5 pm game time . The stock available to buy is limited in number so if you wanna buy 100,000 stock you won't be able to unless the company wants to have that amount available. Stock can go bust so it is a gamble to put all your money in it at once but you also could get a fortune out of it at the same time.
To buy Stock you have to go in the level 10 port , Port Royal.

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