In the inventory you have access to your items. It's an important feature because you can use items to leave the jail , hospital etc.


The items are listed on categories. Each category does a different thing . You must pay attention each time you are in this place , if you use a item by mistake you won't be able to recover it.


You have more options in the inventory :
Info : explain you the use of the item
Equip : you have this option available at the armors and weapons.
Send: you can send it to another player. Pay attention when you write the ID and quantity. If you type the wrong ID you may not recover the items.
Sell: you can sell the items to the game.The price will be higher if you would place the items in the market.
Add to market : You can add your items in the market , this way other players can buy your item.
Donate to gang : you can donate your items to the gang , this way you help your crew mates who need them.
Use: this option is self-explanatory . You can use your items for different bonuses.
Display: you can put your items in your display cabinet so other players have the chance to view your items.

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