Help Tutorial


There are different ways of gaining experience.

Fighting other ninja:
You are only able to fight the ninja that are currently in the village that you are in. To locate the ninja that are in the village you must find 'Ninjas in Village' located on the left hand side of the screen.
Once on this screen you will need to click on the name of the person you want to attack.Once in their profile you will need to find the [Attack] button located on the right hand side.
You will then see a large amount of text printed on the screen. This text shows what has happened in the fight. It will show what abilities you have used and the damage that you have caused.

Go to the 'Training Arena' located in the list on the left hand side of the screen. The Training Arena allows a user to train skill types for their abilities. Using your energy to train different kind of jutsus will help your character to develop their skills better by increasing the chance that you jutsus will be successful. Using the energy also will grant you experience.

You get stronger by leveling up. Each time you level up you get 5 Skill Points(SP).There are 6 types of skills used on NU: Defense, Body Energy, Speed, Intel,Health and Chakra.

  • Defense (Def for short) - Gives defence against melle attacks and can result to a block in battle if it's higher than the opponent's Body Energy.
  • Body Energy (BE for short) - It does melee damage.
  • Speed - Turns in battle depends on yours and your opponent's speed. If your speed is higher, you'll be able to attack faster. If you and your opponent have got the same speed then your attacking speed is just normal.
  • Intel - It's the most important skill for genjutsu & binding users. It adds +1 biding-turn for each biding jutsu you cast and -2 binding-turns for your opponent's biding jutsu(s).
  • Health - For each point you add to this skill, you get 60 extra HP.
  • Chakra - For each point you add to this skill , you get 25 extra Chakra.

To learn a jutsu go to the Ninja Academy.You can learn jutsu(s) using jutsu points (JP) . You get 20 JP each time you level up. At the academy you will be able to learn 7 types of jutsus :

  • Taijutsu: These jutsu's costs HP to use them. They do damage.
  • Offensive: These jutsu's costs chakra to use them. They do damage.
  • Genjutsu: These jutsu's costs chakra to use them. These do damage+they freeze the opponent for a few turns. The damage and turns depends on how much jutsu points you spend on the jutsu.
  • Binding jutsu: These jutsu's costs chakra. They bind an opponent for a few turns. The turns depends on how much jutsu points are spend on the jutsu.
  • Healing jutsu: These jutsu's costs chakra. They're used to lower the damage/effect of the opponents jutsu.
  • Invigorating jutsu: These jutsu's doesn't cost anything. They're used at every start of the battle. They give chakra and HP. The amount depends on the jutsu points of the jutsu.
  • Weapon jutsu: These jutsu's costs chakra. You need the weapon in your inventory to use the jutsu.

The jutsu's will fail sometimes. The chances depends on your training skill in that jutsu. For every type of jutsu there is a skill. To train your skills you'll have to use energy. You can train at every village , by going to the Training Arena.


Personal Info and Status Bars
In the top left corner of the screen is your personal information. This shows your current name, amount of cash, level and the logout button .Below your personal info is your status bars. These show your current energy, chakra, health, brave and experience.

  • Energy is used for training and attacking.It refills every 5 minutes.
  • Chakra is used to cast jutsus.It refills every 5 minutes.
  • Brave is used to do missions, different missions take more brave to do, these missions are harder to succeed at so be careful not to try them to soon.
  • Experience shows how close you are to leveling up.
  • Health shows how much health you have remaining. You lose this if you're hit in a fight.


The sidebar shows much of the things you are able to do.

  • The Home link will bring you to your homepage.
  • Equipment will bring you to your item page.
  • Events displays the number of new events, and when clicked tells you what they are
  • The Town Hall brings up a list of places that you can go.
  • Missions will let you select which mission you want to do.
  • The Heal allows you to restore your HP by paying money.
  • Your clan link allows you to go to your clan page.
  • In The Training Arena you can train your skills.
  • The Skill Gym allows you to spend the skill points you get each time you level up.
  • In the Ninja Academy you can learn new jutsus.
  • In the My Jutsu page you can further train your jutsus by using jutsu points.
  • The Fight Stragety contains the jutsus you use in battle.
  • Postbox will display any new messages you have received.
  • Every now and then , The Niju Shotai opens polls . In the Global Polls you can vote.
  • The Village Forum is the place where you can meet your fellow villagers.
  • The Global Forum is the place where all the players of NU meet and discuss.
  • The Ninja Search allows you to search for possible allies of foes.
  • Niju Online shows you if any member of the Niju Shotai Team is online.
  • Preferences will bring you the the Preferences page.
  • My Profile shows you your profile.
  • Ninja Report is used to report players that have broken the rules of the game.
  • Help Tutorial has a lot of valuable information about the game.
  • Read the Game Rules carefully. They are very important.


  • Market - here you can buy weapons ,armors and other items.
  • Item Market - here players can sell their stuff.
  • Donator Day Market (DDM for short) - here you can buy/sell donator days.
  • Ramen Place - here you can work for money.
  • Travel - here you can rent/buy an pet and travel to another village.
  • Apartments - here you can buy and apartment.
  • Piggy Bank - open an account and store your money here.
  • Stock Market - here you can win money or lose money by investing in stocks.
  • Clans - this is the list with all the clans in NU.
  • Clan Wars - here you can see if any clan is warring at the moment.
  • Raid Village - use your turns daily and get money.
  • Demons - here is the demon of the village you are currently in.
  • Village Wars - N/A.
  • Village Info - N/A.
  • NU Niju Shotai - here are the staff members of our game , NU.
  • Ninja List - here is a list with all the players.
  • Ninja Online - here you can see all the players taht are online.
  • Hall of Fame - here are the names of the strongest ninja.
  • Bug Report Central - if you find a bug report it here.
  • Ninja Report - if a player broke the game rules report him/her here.
  • Jail - all the players that broke the game rules are here.
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