Game Rules

Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations may change at any time, it is the users own responsibility abide by these rules, to avoid punishment.

- Offensive language
Minor cursing will overlooked, however heavy cursing and offending other users will not be tolerated. Censoring inappropriate language, i.e. replacing vowels with symbols, does not make it acceptable. This includes messages in the tavern, notepads, forum posts and a user's personal pads. Penalties will be handed out at the Admins/Kage/ANBU discretion.

-Offensive User Names
Making an offensive username is against the rules and will not be tolerated.. Offensive usernames will be warned to be changed if you do not comply you will be subject to ban..

- Language:
In the chat room, news comments or other publicly accessible locations, any language besides English is strictly prohibited
Staff cannot possibly know every language, therefore meaning they cannot moderate any messages in languages they do not understand. To prevent harassment out of the staffs control, all other languages are only to be used in PMs.

- Harassment:
Harassment, trolling, or otherwise pestering a user is not allowed. Bans will be issued 'with proof'.

- Account Sharing
Account sharing is explicitly forbidden for all users. If any user is found sharing their password, both users involved can expect to be banned.

- Impersonating Administrator
Anyone found pretending to be an administrator will find themselves banned.. Note: Admins will never ask for your password.

- Account Buying / Selling / Trading / Giving away
Trading, Selling, or buying accounts is explicitly forbidden all accounts involved in this process will be banned for a period no less than 1 week, and the account that had switched ownership will be deleted. Giving away accounts also falls under this rule.

- Botting
Bots, reload scripts of any types are not allowed. If a user is found using a bot, he/she will be banned for an extended period of time. Serious offenders will be permanent banned.

- User-pictures:
Keep your user picture appropriate.. Remember there are kids who play also..

Inappropriate user-pictures include pictures:

Of sexual nature
Containing swear words
Depicting racism of any kind
Harrassing other users
The administration reserves the right to deem user-pictures inappropriate even when not falling under any of the above categories.

Failure to comply can result in bans

- Account responsibility:
The owner of the account is at all times responsible of anything that occurs on his/her account.

- Account limit
Each user is allowed one character anyone found with more then one character will be banned.

- Glitching/Hacking
As it would go without saying, exploiting faults in the code and hacking NU is forbidden. Users found doing this will face the consequences of the Niju Shotai.

- Inquiring about how to glitch
- Inquiring about how to hack
- Threatening to hack the site
- Withholding information about a glitch

Is also strictly forbidden. Depending on the severity of the offense, a user found violating this rule can expect a punishment ranging from ban to deletion of their account.

- Warnings
Users are responsible for being aware of any warnings sent to them. If a warning is sent and a user continues with in-game actions it will be assumed that the user has read and understands the warning.

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